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By Jaye Sarasin

Jake’s father, Harry, has disappeared and his flat has been ransacked. Is his disappearance linked to his work in the Green Enclaves,  government sponsored forests in a world deprived of oxygen.  Or has he become embroiled in shady dealings of some kind?  Is it anything to do with the League of the Dead? Aided by his beloved Allie and Stick, the school’s hacker, Jake tries to get into the Enclave to find out. But the Enclave is a lethal place…..

teen science fiction dystopia romance


By Jaye Sarasin

In a future world starved of oxygen grotesque genetic experiments are taking place in the High Andes. 

When Allie rescues a young Indian thief from the police she little realises the danger she is in as she begins investigating the clinic treating the boy's pregnant sister. He is working for a rebel group, the sister disappears and while trying to track her down Allie discovers the rebel stronghold and runs into even greater danger..



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 Literature in Language Teaching

Using Literature in Language Teaching

Using Literature in Language Teaching

By Jennifer Hill

Demonstrating ways in which literary texts can be integrated simply and effectively into language study, using basic methods to make them acessible, lively and memorable.