It's been wonderful weather. Real sun and record temperatures; but the heat is having a terrible effect on my house plants, due to the increase in insects. My chillies have greenfly, my weeping fig has scale insects, my livistonia has rust and my rose (outside, it is true) has black spot. No silver lining without a cloud.  However, I am consoling myself with the progress of my latest book, Keepers of the Sun. It's a follow-up to The Green Enclave where the school hacker Stick, and Allie, a doctor’s daughter, had become an item, but in this  one  Keepers of the Sun they are separated, Allie’s mother having found her daughter a prestigious medical course in Chile, part of Runa Five, South America.  As I mentioned in the previous blog conditions are the same with the world starved of oxygen, no naturally growing vegetation and gross inequalities in the population with many living in wretched poverty.  When Allie rescues a young thief from the police in a local mall she runs into trouble and eventually becomes embroiled with a rebel group who wish to overthrow the corrupt government.  These rebels have links to an ancient Incan tribe, descendants of the mighty Inca civilisation, some of whom appear to have miraculous powers.  But can they prevail against corrupt authority?

The book’s almost ready to publish (editedd, proof read, almost good to go) so you’ll be able to find out soon!  More in the next blog!  


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