NEW BOOK:  I’m happy to report that the latest book in the Runa Series, Keepers of the Sun, is coming along nicely. In fact it should be ready to publish shortly so keep an eye out on Amazon. The Runa Series is set in a future world starved of oxygen, where the ozone layer has been so destroyed it is almost impossible for vegetation to grow. As an earth denuded of plants is only barely able to survive governments are doing their best to preserve and increase any greenery they have by means of Green Enclaves, forests which are protected by a variety of different means from the rays of the sun which are now lethal.  People also have to wear arm packs which provide them with oxygen.  However in many respects the world is much the same as it is today in that there are pockets of deep poverty while some people are extremely wealthy, and some sectors of society have greater privileges than others.  The first book in the series, The Green Enclave, dealt with one of these protected forests and told the story of Jake whose father is connected to one of these enclaves but has gone missing, his flat ransacked.   Aided by his girlfriend Allie and Stick the school’s hacker, Jake tries to find out what has happened to his father. In this new book, Keepers of the Sun,


Allie  has  been  sent to another continent, South America (now called Runa 5), to study at the  prestigious Avila Centre for medical studies in Chile led by the charismatic lecturer Dr Chavez.  In the local mall Allie sees a child thief shot down and she and her friend, Alaina, rescue a second child, Jaime, and  Allie helps the boy back to the campamento, the local shanty town.  There she is saved from harm by Yupanqui who appears to be some kind of Indian leader but in her desire to help Jaime’s pregnant sister becomes embroiled with a group of rebels and discovers horrors in their mountain hideout. It’s a rip-roaring read and you’ll want to find out if Allie survives! If you've signed up to my newsletter I'll let you know when it becomes available.In fact it should be ready to publish shortly so keep an eye out on Amazon.


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