Bulb by Bradley Wind. A vivid and engrossingread set in a richly imagined future world.  The MC Ben has conjoined twin brothers, rescued by his father from a replicants program called Lazarus, and is trying to engage in an online relationship with Susan, initially to discuss books... 

He does volunteer work at the Saint Centre, run by a doctor Mamon, an erstwhile colleague of his father, and this drives the plot.  This is interwoven with his memories of the accident which killed his father which are stored in a National Archive that he can access at any time to relive the experience.  His relationships with the twins and with Lauren, his therapist/friend are well drawn and credible and although I was initially swamped by the information I needed to understand this new world I soon adapted and was carried along by the plot. It’s really gripping stuff, especially when Ben realises what is going on.  Read it.  5 stars



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